By Joel bain

 Teardrops in the Rain

Teardrops in the Rain

TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN (2009) is a New Adult Coming of Age drama about Noah, a young man preparing to marry the love of his life, Sara. Though from very different backgrounds, the two are drawn to spend the rest of their lives together, but first they must get married.

Told from Noah's perspective, TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN begins with a confident and excited Noah, but in the nine days leading up to his wedding, he meets for the first time the father of the bride, Butch, a US Navy Admiral serving in the Persian Gulf. The two couldn't be more different and Butch doesn't approve of his daughter's choice.

Complicating matters, three women from Noah's past all re-enter his life just before his wedding, forcing him to answer questions that he would rather leave unanswered and forgotten.

TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN is the story of a young man learning what it means to be a man, what it means to love, and what commitment to the very end entails.

TEARDROPS IN THE RAIN is out of print, but is being prepared for a re-branded release by Dumple Meadows Publishing in Summer 2017.