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Q Book Editing is a Vancouver book editing firm, founded by me, Joel Bain.

My editorial focus is working with self-publishing authors and assisting memoir writers.

Regardless of where you are on your journey to publishing your own manuscript or writing your memoir, I am happy to meet you.

I offer a wide range of options to help meet your editing needs, whether you need a full manuscript evaluation, copy editing, proofreading, or an assessment of your book proposal or query letter. I can help refine your copy and focus your project to better position it for publishing success.

As a Vancouver Book Editor, my role to be an honest coach about your performance as a writer and also your greatest advocate.

What are my credentials?

Joel Bain

Joel Bain

What services do I offer?

Need help understanding what each of these services entail? Click on the service for a clear description. N.B.: All definitions are taken from the Editors' Association of Canada.

I am accepting project bookings for mid-July 2017.

Tell me about your project in the form below. Providing I am a good fit to meet your book editing needs, I will then provide you with a competitive quote and the next steps.

If your project falls outside my expertise, I will offer you a referral to one of my colleagues better suited to your project and your budget.

If you are a writer just starting your writing journey, I would be thrilled to help you navigate the start of your writing career and help you avoid the most common pitfalls and challenges.

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