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Bullying: Our Celebrated National Pastime

I once was a teenager who held an absolute hatred for all other teenagers outside of my family. Though I was not one prone to showing it, it was something that lived within me. For whatever reason, I had adopted a mindset that the worst thing you could do when you were angry with someone was for you to show them by acting that anger out. Admittedly even to this day, it is something I work to overcome, but it is something I developed early on as a "coping mechanism" in the face of bullying or taunting from my peers. The worst bullying I received was when I was a youngster playing ice hockey on a house league team. 

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Beer: Tastes awful, but Works!

Growing up, I was a bit of a quiet kid. I generally felt hostile towards most trends and fads (ie. pogs, bleached blonde-hair, and the Power Rangers; you know who you are). You could have called me a wannabe hipster who no one paid any attention to. I was also resistant to the allure and popularity of alcohol, particularly beer, both during my high school and undergraduate years. It was even to the point that I wanted to prove one could make it through those impressionable years without tasting booze and yet still survive each arena of social politics unscathed.

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